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About The Film

"I love my Muslim neighbor,” she wrote, “because s/he deserves love by virtue of her/his human dignity. I stand in human solidarity with my Muslim neighbor...we worship the Same God."  Her post set off a national firestorm that was covered by the NY Times, Chicago Tribune, Time and other media outlets.

Her simple act of embodied solidarity sparked endless debate around issues at the intersection of race/ethnicity, gender, and religion. People around the world took sides on the "same God" question, as well as her wearing of the hijab for two months, including some religionists who questioned the veracity of Hawkins' own Christian commitment. The controversy intensified for two months, ultimately culminating in a legal agreement that severed Professor Hawkins and Wheaton College's relationship--and took everyone by surprise.

"Same God," directed by Wheaton alumna Linda Midgett, explores the polarization taking place within the evangelical community over issues of faith, race, and politics...a fracture that solidified with the election of Donald Trump. It also contains interviews filmed before the non-disclosure agreement that prohibits Dr. Hawkins from discussing what happened.

- Shaheen Sayani, Associate Programmer

Q&A with cast and crew will immediately follow this screening, schedules permitting.

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