Death by a Nigger Nose: Philando Castile

Death by a Nigger Nose: Philando Castile

‘Twas by a "wide-set nose"

The “officer” was convinced

Guilt by black association

A curious kind of country club

Membership has its privileges

Culture ripe for appropriation

Bodies engineered for experimentation

Tuskegee to Lacks,

Helluva HeLa

‘Course, the post-racial types swore

There would be no more--


‘Cause a black man occupied hallowed halls

And bounced basketballs

In a White House

Still, the colored sirens blare

For black bodies everywhere

Add seventy-four seconds

Plus euphemisms for police discretion,

What do you get?

Death by a nigger nose

Or by a noose—all the same

America: one long lynch

Reproducing the same strange fruit

Pulling the rug

Of the rule of law

From under black feet

No rights whites bound to respect

So your executioner exonerated

By the dash cam of death

Unjustly criminalized

By your olfactory visage, but

Beatified by the cries

Of your school children

Canonized in the hall of other martyrs

Too black by a nose