Sacred Spaces: Gay Night Clubs

Gay night clubs are SACRED SPACES for many of my LGBTQA friends whose churches, colleges, families, teachers, clergy, and yes, government, have not only failed to protect their queer bodies, but outright rejected their bodies created in YHWH’s image.

Let me share something which may offend some of your sensibilities. On several occasions during grad school, I danced the night away with gay friends at gay night clubs. It’s no different than my ethnically Korean friend from Kazakhstan going dancing with me at a primarily black night club. The majority culture welcomed me (a straight) into a celebration of life.

I can’t speak for Jesus. But Jesus was always walking with oppressed bodies. Dignifying their existence by daring to acknowledge their bodies. Walking with them on the margins where society had castigated them to rot in hell.

Jesus saw suffering bodies and declared them good. The I AM said you matter because you are. Woman at the well, your female body matters. Paralytic man, your disabled body matters. Jesus came to liberate bodies as well as souls. LGBTQA bodies. The only people Jesus called fools were the religious zealots and bigots of his day–whitewashed tombs he called them–their supposed righteousness had rendered their souls dead. Walking Tombs=‪#‎ReligiousZombies‬

I mourn the senseless loss of bodies. I am not here to pontificate about why or how this happened. I mourn that many of my LGBTQA friends feel unsafe in their bodies and I empathize because I too, am a vulnerable body.

Yet, I reject the notion that the ‪#‎OrlandoMassacre‬ is not about religion or politics. While my previous FB post raised Trump, it was to make a point about a nation unsafe for ‪#‎QueerBodies‬ and‪#‎MuslimBodies‬.‪#‎realDonaldTrump‬‘s rhetoric is purposely inflammatory and exacerbates an already unsafe situation. He can’t take it back. It’s too late.

The sociopolitical context matters. Presidents and presidential candidates should not only mourn 50 departed souls, but protect the vulnerable bodies still with us. That’s what ‪#‎Justice‬ looks like.

Our country, our homes, our churches, our schools, our universities (non-sectarian and sectarian) need to be safe for my LGBTQ and my Muslim friends. We need ‪#‎EmbodiedSolidarity‬. Which means sitting in the fear and loneliness of our oppressed queer and Muslim friends.

Mourning with those who mourn,