Silent Nights Breed Complacency

"Silent Nights Breed Complacency"

Jesus, the baby in a manger, ushered in a holy disruptive revolution by embodying solidarity with oppressed bodies.

Advent is about raising that same holy disruptive hell.

Every night is a holy night because if the incarnation of Jesus means anything, it means our bodies are to be living sacrifices, raising the same holy hell that Jesus' body did and still does.

#AdventActivism is afoot. Is yours the kind that gets you on our proverbial King Herod's registry?

Will you risk your life for the bodies of the oppressed like Jesus' forebears, Ruth and Rahab?

This advent, I find myself more , not less, burdened for Muslim bodies than one year ago. So remember this at Christmas, #MuslimsAreUS. And #StopSanitizingJesus.

#EmbodiedSolidarity is #Resistance. And it is always to the death if that is what justice requires.

Salaam. Shalom. Peace.